Its true! After years of giving you the cold shoulder

The Bookies Really Do Want

You To Take Their Money… Daily!

Here’s how you can get 

your hands on an extra £220+ a month

Dear Sports Betting Fan,

Are you frustrated with losing bets?

Are you tired of handing over money to the bookies?

If so then this will be the most important letter you read this month.

Here’s why…

You’re going to find out…

How You Can Bet With Regular 

Profitability And Pull In An Extra £220+ A Month

Hi, my name is Michael Wilding.

If you’ve been a reader of the Race Advisor then you probably know me and my background.

I’ve spent the last seven years helping bettors, like you, become more profitable on the horses.

Now…I know what you’re thinking…

“Are The Bookies Really Giving Money Away?!”


But here’s the thing…

They don’t know it.

They’ve accidentally created a “backdoor” loophole – the by-product of their ambition to stop any and all successful bettors.

It sounds ironic, and perhaps farfetched…

But by the end of this letter, you’re going to find out how you can take advantage of this loophole to fill your pockets with a regular extra income!


The “Backdoor” Loophole Isn’t My Work…

In Fact It Was Discovered, And Wedged Open, By An “Insider”


An “insider” who’s been working with me, behind the scenes, at Race Advisor for sometime.

His name is Eddie Lloyd.

On top of being my right hand man, Eddie has also run a number of successful tipping services with results like:

  • Over 100 points from win only bets at prices ranging from 10/1 up to 25/1… just from last summer.
  • Tipping the winner of the Dante stakes the last two years running at odds of 20/1 and 9/1 respectively.
  • Helped a “racing newbie” take a holiday in Spain from just 6 months of tips and guidance.

It goes without saying that a man who can put money in your pocket is worth listening to. And, shortly, you’re going to discover exactly how to get your hands on this extra income.

So, I’ll leave you here and hand over to Eddie…

“Let Me Introduce Myself…”

Hey, my name is Eddie.

As Michael said, I’m the man behind many winning tips at both the Race Advisor and UK Racing News.

And, while I’m proud of the accolades above, what I’m about to tell you trumps it.

You’re going to discover the hush-hush method which helps you make an extra £220+ a month…

But first, let me tell you more about how I’ve managed to wedge open this “backdoor” loophole and turn it into a virtual ATM.

The story starts at my childhood, where…

My Grandad Would Sit Me On His Chair 

Every Saturday To Watch The Channel 4 Racing

I was only 8, but I was already learning about racing and how to make money from it.

You see, my Grandad was an active participant in World War II where he worked on the planes as an air mechanic.

But, due to the pension laws, he was entitled to zilch when he retired.

For most people, this would mean working long into the “retirement age”.

But not Grandad.

During these years he was able to earn enough money to live… and then some.


By being an extremely good bettor.


Like every great man, he looked to pass his talents down the family line.

Unfortunately, his daughter – my mother, had no interest in becoming one of those “gambling men”.

And despite my Grandad’s best efforts to assure her that gambling and research-backed betting are two different animals… she wouldn’t have any of it.

But then I came into the world…

And as soon as I was old enough to make basic odds calculations, I would watch the horses with him sat in the same chair.

So, it should be no surprise that…

It Was My Grandad Who 

Taught Me How To Pick Profitable Bets

He taught me when you should back a horse… and when you shouldn’t touch it with a 50ft stick…

He taught me how to calculate odds as a percentage and to assess the risk before he filled out his “betting form” to be sent off by post…

And, he taught me that there was always money to be made off the bookies.

Using all of these lessons I was able to make a nice side-income to supplement my salary as a full-time joiner.


I Wasn’t Earning Enough To 

Really Sustain a Life Without a Job,Yet. 

The truth hit home around 2008, when the recession hit.

My joiner business literally collapsed over night. I went from turning jobs away on a daily basis, to accepting jobs when they came…

…and that was few and far between.

As I spent the next few weeks dazed and confused about what I could do to go back to the way things were, reality began to set in…

I had to get another job if I wanted to put food on the table.

It was around this time that my wife spotted a job opening in the paper…

“William Hill Cashier Opening.

Management Progression Available.

I got the job, and within a year I was promoted to shop manager.

Every day was a new experience as I learnt the inner workings of a betting shop.

I was getting an “insiders view” of how it all works and how I could begin to win more money.


The Real Learning Curve Came

Shortly After My Next Promotion

In the space of just a few years, I now had the opportunity to discover the most profitable betting techniques.

The same techniques which have proven the test of time, and still continue to consistently pick winners.

My promotion was to the risk and liability team. It hunted down successful bettors and deconstructed their betting strategies to find out how they were managing to win money, almost at will.

I had to perform an “autopsy” on them, and then choose whether to axe their account, or let them continue.

I would look at things like…

  • Were they getting inside information?
  • Was there a pattern or a trend in their bets?
  • What was their system?

And the result of this was that…

I Would End Every Week With

New “Profit Pulling” Weapon In My Arsenal


Make no mistake – you’re the one who will benefit from these strategies.

Sure, the fact that I amassed hundreds of profitable betting strategies has helped put a lot of coin in my pocket.

But there have been many people just like you who’ve already taken advantage of these strategies.

People from all walks of life… builders, civil servants, retirees…



What else can I say. What a pick guys, won @ 15/2 ;-)

Thanks for a wonderful service.


- Chris Arnfield BA, BSc

I simply had to email you guys and again congratulate you on a massive coup. Tuscania winning. I got on early having paid for the early bird tips and got on at 18/1. I put on £5 e/w as that is my points limit of my current bank.

Needless to say that has made my day. I am so pleased that I paid for the early bird info.

Keep up the excellent work.

- Howard Jones

Great Tipping again yesterday lads. Well done & thank you, my bank is building up significantly.

- Mark Adams

But how did they do this?

By Taking On The Bookies 

With Good Ol’Fashion Betting

I’m not kidding.

They took on the bookies at their own game… by using the “backdoor”loophole…


William Hill trained me to take money from them using the advanced techniques they paid me to uncover.

I literally became a “loophole”… a way to beat the system.

And I knew it!

I Began To Help People, Just Like You,Take Regular Profits From The Bookies…Every Month

Here’s how I did it…

I started an “in” club… my first tipster service.

Every day I would provide a well researched and profitable tip straight to their email.

In fact, you may have already experienced some of these tips with the free Daily Profit Stat (or DPS).

A service which has run for the past 16 months and was left in profit.


It Was A Free Tip, Used By Thousands

Of Readers… And The Bookies Took Notice

So as the first few hundred bets were placed each day, alarms went off and the odds were reduced to barely break-even levels.

Leaving it at just 12.81 units of profit.


If you were to catch the tips at their best odds then you would have been at +123.82 units of profit.

More than a 9-fold increase from the squashed odds.

But how can you get in at the best odds?

Introducing the *Brand New* UKRN Early Bird

  • Exclusive membership with access to the tips at the best odds.
  • Delivered via email to your inbox by 7pm the night before to give you time to place your bets.
  • Place your bets in less than 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn how each tip was selected.

The UKRN Early Bird is an exclusive club of serious bettors who want to take money from the bookies.

In fact, if you were a member from the very beginning (April 2013), and used £10 stakes, you would currently be +£1,596.20 in profit.

Up it to £100 stakes and we’re looking at £15,962 profit in just 16 months.

Not bad, right?

Now, naturally a service which provides winners like this is going to have an entry fee… but not for the reason you think.

Unlike most tipsters, we’re not after your money… we’re after the bookies money – and you’re coming along for the ride!

So here’s the truth about our “paid” service…

We Can Give You The Best Tips, 

From My Proven Systems, But You Won’t Win A

Penny If They’re Available To Everyone

Bookies are very quick to react to an “influx”… and free tipping services are known to be “blacklisted”.

This means that the odds are reduced almost as soon as they’re posted online.

But by keeping the tips exclusive to people who have committed to being in, we’re able to work “under the radar” and help an exclusive group of individuals win money.

Simply put, our small fee gives you the ability to…

Place Your Stake At The Best Odds, 

As The Bookies Sit Twiddling Their Thumbs

It allows you to maximise profit and see the largest return on your money.

In fact, the UKRN Early Bird has achieved an average of over 9 units profit per month since it’s birth.

Here’s what that looks like…

“Alright Eddie… I’m Interested… 

How Much Is This Going To Cost?”


A service that can add this much spending money to your wallet every month could charge a high fee.

It’s natural for us, as humans, to pay more for something that brings a substantial return on our investment.

And I’ve seen similar tipping services charging £130+ per month for access to their tips.

But the truth is…

I’m not in this to inflate my bank account.

I make more than enough cash being a full-time bettor, and let’s be serious… I’ve been offering the same tips for free over the last year and a bit.

The only reason for the UKRN Early Bird club is to allow the serious bettors to maximise their profit with the best odds.

So, rather than charge you £130+ per month like some other tipping services I’ve seen, I could cut the price in half to £65… or even lower to £30.


£30 Would Still Cut Into Your Betting Profits 

Every Month… So Let Me Drop The Price Lower

You can gain access to my Early Bird Daily Profit Stat, where you receive a proven-profitable tip every day to your email, for just £19.97+VAT per month.

Even at £10 stakes you’re still going to take home an average of £52 per month in pure profit.

And that increases with higher stakes…


Let me stop you here and ask you…

What Would An Extra £220+ Mean To You

Since the birth of the UKRN Early Bird, I’ve had people tell me that their winnings have paid for a new car or a holiday abroad.

What would you spend the extra cash on?

Imagine this…

You’ve already touched down in the South of France and found your hotel on the coast of the Mediterranean. That evening you take a stroll along the beach, feeling the white sands between your toes as the setting-sun warms the back of your neck.

Or better yet…

Picture yourself in New York, on top of a skyscraper overlooking the city. It’s a clear day, with just a few clouds dotted along the skyline.

Here too, you can feel the sun massaging the back of your neck. Later in the day you’ll take a trip down broadway for a meal… all of which you don’t have to worry about because it’s been paid out of your winnings.

Sounds good, right?

I can tell you that it feels even better.


A Word Of Warning For The Lazy And Self-Righteous

This service isn’t your “magic bullet” to easy money.

While I've endeavoured to make it as easy and profitable as possible, I cannot place the bets for you.

You will need to spend 5-10 minutes placing your bets every evening if you want success.

And of course… we don’t win every bet.

There will be losers.

Every serious bettor realises this and accepts that losers are on the road to profitability.

In fact we often see 5-10 losers in a row.

But that has not affected the profitability of this service.

The UKRN Early Bird has been running for 16 months and sits at £1594.20 profit using £10 stakes.

And many of our long-time members have been able to use this extra income to jet off abroad without worrying about their financial security…

Some have just been happy to put the money towards their children’s University fund.

But let me reiterate… this isn’t a magic bullet.

Here’s How You Can Grab Your Entry

To The Early Bird DPS Exclusive Membership Club

It’s simple.

All you need to do is fill out the sign-up form below and you’ll be taken to the membership page with further instructions.

“Yes Eddie, I’m ready to start taking money from the bookies with your proven, winning tips”

Get Exclusive Access To UKRN Early Bird Now!

To get exclusive access to the UKRN Early Bird club at just £19.97 +VAT per month, please enter your details below.

You will be re-billed £19.97 monthly until cancellation

Now, one last thing…

The Early Bird DPS Membership 

Will Not Be Available Forever, Here’s Why…

Remember how I mentioned that the bookies took note of the thousands of people who were placing the same bet because it was tipped on our “public” service and reduced the odds to limit your profit?

Well I’ve been in this game for a while and I’ve found that the tipping point is around 250 bets placed in short period of time.

Which is why we’re only offering 200 spots in the Early Bird club.

I want to give you the best odds with each tip so you can make as much profit as possible, and this means keeping the number of members below the radar.

Which is why you need to take action now.

If you decide to wait until next week, or the week after, then you may find that there are no spaces left.

So fill out the form below and let’s get going.


Get Exclusive Access To UKRN Early Bird Now!

To get exclusive access to the UKRN Early Bird club at just £19.97 +VAT per month, please enter your details below.

You will be re-billed £19.97 monthly until cancellation

It’s Time That You Took Advantage Of The Bookies Accidentally Giving Away Their Top Betting Secrets


UKRN Early Bird sits at +159.42 points of profit.

You could have pocketed an extra £15,942 at £100 stakes if you were with us from the beginning.

Will you miss out on the next £15,942?

If you’re tired of practically “giving away” your money to the bookies…

…of trying to make betting work for you…

…or struggling to save for what you really want…

…then it’s time to take action and grab your UKRN Early Bird membership before it’s too late.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and you can start sucking up the money being left on the table by the bookies.

See you on the other side,

Ed&MW Sig





Eddie Lloyd & Michael Wilding

P.S. Remember, you can get access to an exclusive tipping service, which currently sits at +159.42 points profit, for just £19.97 per month. Your tips will be delivered every evening by 7pm.

P.P.S. This service is only open to 200 members. Anymore and the bookies will start to take notice and deflate the odds making it almost-impossible to make a profit from them. UKRN Early Bird will never sacrifice the most profitable odds for you in favour of having more members.

P.P.P.S. Naturally, for such a good offer, there are no refunds. But you can choose to quit your membership at anytime.


Get Exclusive Access To UKRN Early Bird Now!

To get exclusive access to the UKRN Early Bird club at just £19.97 +VAT per month, please enter your details below.

You will be re-billed £19.97 monthly until cancellation